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from apple, leaving everyone to wonder if it's the end of apple or the beginning of a new era. good evening. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. the real drama has yet to unfold. the world is waiting to see what happens next in coopertino. many of our lives would not be the same without steve jobs. we wouldn't have ipods or i-tunes, no iphones, one, two, three or four, or ipads without this bay area native who graduate high school in the south bay. jean elle shows us why jobs' health may have played a role in the decision. but we begin with scott budman who joins us from the apple store. we've gone from surprise to curiosity. what's next? >> reporter: well, who knows? a lot of people will be wondering why jobs steps down,
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but jobs has been, for decades, a spark plug. both for technology and for those who use technology. today, of course, he resigned as ceo of the company he co-founded, doing so at a time when apple is at its strongest and most popular. when ferdinand and friends heard the news about steve jobs resigning, they were visiting the apple campus from germany, taking part in the tradition of photos by the apple sign. >> he will retire now as ceo of apple, and i don't know because he was the leading figure in the company and he was the founder. i don't know if apll be the same after him retiring. >> reporter: jobs, who has fought health problems for years, wrote a letter to employees and the board of directors saying --
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>> the one thing jobs brings to the table that nobody else can touch is that magic, that ability to look at a product and see more than it is. nobody else does that. that's something walt disney had, steve jobs had. >> reporter: since jobs came back to the company, the hit products have come regularly and apple's stock price has risen more than 4,000%. at this apple store, shoppers say they're sad jobs is stepping down. but they're confident what he put in place will remain with the company. >> i think he's done a good job creating a great company and i think all the people that work there are -- i think lit be fine. i don't have stock in apple so i'm not freaking out too much. >> i think it's a great company. i don't think it's going to effect the company. that's me. >> reporter: so you'll still buy products? >> i'm going to go buy products
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right now. >> reporter: as popular as apple's current lineup of products is, jobs has clearly been thinking about the future and maybe even a legacy. we know that because he released all those images recently of apple's next generation headquarters. reporting live, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. how do you replace a person that many apple fans believe to be irreplaceable? cook has been running day-to-day operations and joined apple in 1998 after working for ibm compact computer. he had stepped into a lead during jobs' medical leave in 2004 and 2009. before today's announcement, he was responsible for worldwide sales and the head of mcintosh computer division. as jobs steps out of the number
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one position at apple, you can't help but wonder if his ailing health is the reason why. he has been plagued with serious health concerns that started back in 2003 when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. after that, he underwent surgery to remove a tumor in 2004. in 2009, jobs took a second medical leave and received a liver transplant. and then back in january, he took his third leave of absence but emerged to unveil the ipad ii in march. today, he announced his resignation as ceo of the company, a company he helped create. jean elle joins us with a look at what his health history may tell us about his own personal future. >> reporter: medical experts say that cancer diagnosis is the big concern. only 4% of pancreatic cancer patients survive. investors have been concerned about his health for years. his changing appearance had people talking.
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with his weight dropping, jobs admitted in 2003, he had cancer, revealing he had surgery to remove a tumor. in 2009, he had a liver transplant. >> the pancreas, the gallbladder, the liver are all closely connected and function together. so it may be that the liver transplant was related to the cancer. >> reporter: dr. bruce hencele says 94% of pancreatic cancer patients die. just months ago, jobs was dining with the president, but looking frail. >> weight loss sin detective of a cancer getting worse, especially a cancer in the digestive area. the pancreas is responsible for many enzims, as well as insulin, and weight loss can be related to that and to liver problems. >> reporter: while jobs says he will be the chairman of the board and active in apple's future, experts say stepping aside is not a good sign. >> this is worrisome.
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few people survive pancreatic cancer. some die quickly, some survive a number of years and then become ill. very, very few are cured. >> reporter: but experts say someone like jobs has endless resources to continue his fight. medical experts who aren't treating jobs can't be sure about his health, but most believe it's most likely his cancer is back. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> jean, thank you. from a garage, jobs co-founded apple in 1976 at the age of 21. he wasn't always a success. apple fired him in 1985. when he returned to the company in 1997, apple was 90 case away from bankruptcy. right now they're the second most valuable company in the world behind exxonmobil. and it was revealed they have more cash in their reserves than the u.s. treasury. for casual investors, this is an
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anxious time. apple stock has dropped about 5%, which translates to about $19 in terms of a drop. it's trading at about $357. let's bring in our cnbc correspondent from sidney, from our studios in sidney. the oversaes market might set the tone for what we see tomorrow morning. what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: clearly investors are worried about what this means for the future of the company. and you can see the reaction immediately in the after hours markets over in the u.s. the company lost about $20 billion, to give it some context, the market value stands at about $350 billion. tomorrow's reaction for you guy also be key. you have to consider that while steve jobs will still be with the company in the role of chairman, hoe won't have as much influence and there are few companies out there that are as linked to one individual as apple is to steve jobs. so i've been speaking with analysts today.
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a number of them have been telling me once the initial shock wears off, they should be able to focus on how good the company is. for those of you who use apple products, you will have an idea how loyal the customers are. here in asia, competitors have gained ground. companies that supply parts to apple have lost some value on concerns about the company's future growth. so it is going to be a new era for apple. we will be watching to see what investors think tomorrow morning. >> very good. right now on, we posted our coverage on this story. we also posted steve jobs' resignation letter. coming up, the one big thing apple fans will miss now that jobs has stepped down and what his departure means to its product. breaking news, the earth is still shaking on the east coast. a 4.5 just reported 36 miles
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northwest of richmond. sit likely it's an after shock to yesterday's 5.8 quake. that quake was three miles underground and biggest after shock to hit stecees yrday. thises just in tonight. the frightening exit for passengers at lax after a jetway collapse, sending two people to the hospital. passengers were deplaning when a portion of the floor board caved in, causing two people to call some ten feet to the tarmac. the american airlines flight had just arrived from a stopover in chicago. those injured passengers are said to be in fair condition. also new at 11:00, at least two people are fighting for their lives after a car crash in san francisco. it happened at bacon street and bayshore boulevard at about 7:30 this evening. the crash involved a minivan carrying a family of three and a mustang with two people inside.
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one person from each vehicle is being treated for life-threatening injuries. a child inside the minivan is recovering from minor injuries. the cause of the collision is still under investigation. up next, it's been one of the biggest south bay murder mysteries to rock the bay area. and tonight, the killer is named. but one big question still remains. and if you think blocking b.a.r.t.'s trains is too much, wait till you hear what the group has done now, something we can't even show you on tv. it's the one thing apple fans will miss now that steve jobs stepped down. tonight, what his departure will mean for the iphone v and beyond. >> and i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we had a few 90s today and there was some marked cooling with 84 in san jose and 65 in san francisco. and it's still mild right now in the south bay, holding on to 65 in san jose. about a cooling forecaboinup
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the newest release with verizon 4g lte. the first phone pre-loaded with access to netflix's massive movie library. powered by verizon 4g lte for an unparalleled streaming experience. see how mobile entertainment was meant to be seen. only with verizon 4g lte. now get the revolution by lg for $199.99 and receive 3 months of netflix free. public outcry tonight outside of oakland's school board meeting.
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many people upset over the district's choice for an interim school chief police. cheryl hurd joins us live with the details and what's a very loud complaint. >> reporter: jessica, this story is complicated because you have a police chief who resigned and interim police chief involved in a murder. protesters say they want real change. >> a murdering man, a murdering pig, allowing him to be the interim police chief. >> reporter: dozens rallied outside oakland's unified school district demanding the interim police chief be fired. >> we have enough trouble getting the kids educated. we cannot have police officers who have supervising the safety of our children that we're not comfortable with. >> is that fair? >> reporter: these protesters say they're not comfortable with him, because as a sergeant, he was involved in a deadly
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shooting of raheem brown in january. the shooting was investigated and he was cleared of any wrong doing. but there's another twist. >> it's not okay to replace a drunk and a racist with a murderer and what we believe is also clearly a racist. >> reporter: he's replacing former police chief who resigned after being accused going on a tirade that included racial slurs. now protesters say they want the district to look for someone outside the small police force to be the top cop. >> our opportunities are in front of us to think through what that police force means, being one of the most violent cities in the united states. >> sergeant bott has done an admirable job. we're conducting a wholesale review of the department, and part of that process will include looking for a new leader
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for the long-term. >> reporter: the superintendent said tonight that the public will hear more about a permanent replacement for the police chief's spot in a couple of weeks. i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you very much, cheryl. they co-founded apple together and they have been long-time friends. tonight, steve wosniak joins us. thank you for being on the phone. your reaction when you heard the news your friend was stepping down? >> i had meeting after meeting. i haven't had time to do e-mail once and it's almost 11:00 p.m. i'm walking my dogs. so i really didn't hear the news. a reporter called me and said what do you think about steve jobs resigning? so it was a surprise to me. when i did hear, i just have all
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the best wishes for steve. the greatest technical person and the one i admire the most in the world. and he's created a lot of companies inside of apple that were each like the original apple we started in their value. and he had success after success with products. so the question is, how does apple fair without one person? we don't know. i think for a long, long time steve has instilled a lot of very good philosophies about the reasons for his decisions. i'm so glad he got his book written. >> steve -- >> it's going to be a lot of important stuff in there. >> steve, if i can jump in. how emotional was it for you today and what really does apple lose, and we can talk about this for three hours, but what comes to your mind? what does apple lose with steve jobs stepping down tonight? >> you know what? apple has been so proven.
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steve has kind of instilled in that company what it is that apple is very different than anybody else. apple goes out and takes the chances. apple sits in the cold and designs a product the way it should have been rather than the same way it's being done by other people. that goes on for a long time. that stuff is corporate culture and steve's done a really good job of bringing good people into the company that think the right way, especially at the top levels. so i just hope that steve is happy about the future for apple. >> what do you think steve jobs' legacy will be when we reflect back on his stepping down today? >> oh, that he was able to create products to really move mankind forward and give us much greater tools. not by an order of magnitude but many orders of magnitude over what we had before. he'll be remembered as the greatest technical leader of all times.
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it did take some decades and he went through a lot of learning because we started in our 20s. >> a house you built with him. certainly apple stands. thank you for being with us. we appreciate your insight into this development tonight. thanks. >> thank you, jessica. well, steve jobs obviously has been one of the most dynamic leaders not only in the bay area history but in global business history, as well. his famous speeches inspired and rallied the company stock prices. style and substance all together and our business reporter scott mcgrew picks up our coverage from here. >> steve jobs put the dna in the company, but if he's not in the stage, it takes the spark out. so many other companies have tried to duplicate that, to do the apple presentation and it falls flat. i think an apple presentation will fall flat without steve jobs. that's the end of the one more
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thing. there will be no more one more things, will there? apple will come out with new products but steve jobs is not going to be there to say, hey, one more thing. >> scott will keep an eye on apple's impact on the overseas market and on wall street tomorrow morning on "today in the bay." now to some other big stories. the b.a.r.t. protests have taken a strange and personal turn. some protesters posted online semi nude photos of a high ranking b.a.r.t. official. that part of the story in a moment. first, the protesters were on the move, no longer on the streets like on monday when 40 people were arrested at b.a.r.t.'s civic center station in san francisco. it was another in a series of protests directed at b.a.r.t. for shutting down cell phone service to defuse a scheduled protest. today, b.a.r.t.'s detractors and supporters were allowed to speak directly to the board of directors, administrators and police chief. the agency opened the doors to
11:20 pm
their downtown oakland headquarters. >> part of being accountable and transparent is not going immediately to spin, saying we might have gotten that wrong. >> reporter: did b.a.r.t. overstep here? >> i believe so, yes. >> some say they expected more people to show up at today's meeting. nonetheless, another protest is scheduled next monday. as for the bizarre twist to this story, hackers who claim to be with the group anonymous stepped up attacks on b.a.r.t. they posted a partially nude photo of b.a.r.t.'s chief spokesman. they have been calling for johnson's resignation for his role in his decision to black out cell phone service. all right. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri in the weather center to talk about the rest of the week. you say it's going to be nice and warm but smooth and easy? >> oh, yes, smooth and easy as she goes. mother nature giving us a nice forecast over the next seven
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days. we still had some heat today with 93 at livermore but marked cooling across the communities with 70s and 80s and 65 in san francisco. our mildest number right now, livermore at 69. cooling throughout san francisco, down into sunnyvale with 50s and 60s. tomorrow, fog mainly at the coastline. for thursday, the warmest spot right in the east bay. for those of you out there, plenty of 80s and 90s in my forecast and we have a quick update on hiurricane irene, as well. we have this trough of low pressure that's going to keep this fog in place throughout the next 48 hours. so that will mean a cooling breeze tomorrow with a mix of 70s and 80s. throughout friday, the seasonal weather of fog in the morning and evening. throughout tomorrow morning, fog and low clouds here for the north day. you're looking at a clear start here throughout the east and south bay and everyone looking at sunny skies yet again
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tomorrow around 1:00 p.m. so not hot or record setting. if you're heading to the east coast, hurricane irene is expected to stay as a major storm, possibly two landfalls here along cape hatteras by saturday morning as a strong category 3 and possibly a secondary landfall near new jersey. also into long island, new york. that second landfall, a little shift in the storm track and we could see nothing at all, and a shift to the west and we could see a significant storm for the northeast. tonight, temperatures in the 60s and for tomorrow, one of the warmest. 86 in livermore, 67 in san francisco. on your seven-day forecast, looking at the smooth and steady numbers with mid to upper 80s. and 60s at theco0scot. back with more news and sports after this. [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney as big as it gets sale,
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let's bring in damon andrews. a big night at at&t park today. did we see a home run at the game tonight? >> absolutely. and from an unlikely source. the giants finally get their big trade deadline acquisition back in the lineup. find out if the all-star slugge he bell of the san diego padres. sports is next. pa
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first, the giants claimed heath bell off the waiver wire and that got san diego off balance. next, throw tim lincecum at the padres. it's a one-two punch that san
11:29 pm
francisco would like to close out san diego. final game of a two-game set and look at the home run king in attendance. in the 4th, carlos beltran back off the dl. first homer as a giant, first at at&t. next batter, next inning, tim lincecum, getting it done. the freak putting it down with the chop. make it 2-0, giants. his first rbi of the season. he went eight strong, seven punchouts and the giants win. jamie has more from at&t. >> tim lincecum went eight innings, gave up just the one run and knocked in what turned out to be the game-winning run. just your typical close game here at at&t park. >> just try not to be too afraid of having guys making contact. if i can get it in three
11:30 pm
pitches, so be it. yeah, i think that's what all us pitchers want to do. we want to go deep and help out a wavering bull pen like ours is because we had to rely on them so much. >> it was up to ka cecs casillae the door and he certainly did that. a's and yankees from the bronx. mark teixeira hits a jack, 35th of the season. in the 10th, coco crisp coming through. second career two-home run game for crisp. the yankees fans head back to the subway, a's win 6-4. 49ers are getting ready for their third preseason game saturday.
11:31 pm
and coach jim harbaugh isn't tipping his hand ant who will be the starting quarterback. >> they really haven't talked about it too much. right now we're just trying to stay focused on getting better every day, making sure we get this offense down and go from there. >> it's probably a better question for the coaches. but we're getting so much in on the field. i think at this point, we're continuing to get everything out of the practices that we need. . back to you. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash?
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. some interesting inside from steve wosniak tonight, the co-founder of apple. we'll continue our coverage in the morning. >> bye-bye. toni

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